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Yoga Roma Parioli Pony Express Raccomandate Roma

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True Reformation 

Ryokan devoted his life to the study of Zen. One day he heard that his nephewdespite the admonitions of relativeswas spending his money on a courtesan. Inasmuch as the nephew had taken Ryokan's place in managing the family estate and the property was in danger of being dissipatedthe relatives asked Ryoken to do something about it. 

Ryokan had to travel a long way to visit his nephewwhom he had not seen for many years. The nephew seemed pleased to meet his uncle again and invited him to remain overnight. 

All night Ryokan sat in meditation. As he was departing in the morning he said to the young man: "I must be getting oldmy hand shakes so. Will you help me tie the string of my straw sandal?" 

The nephew helped him willingly. "Thank you finished Ryokan, you seea man becomes older and feebler day by day. Take good care of yourself." Then Ryokan leftnever mentioning a word about the courtesan or the complaints of the relatives. Butfrom that morning onthe dissipations of the nephew ended.