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Sleeping in the Daytime 

The master Soyen Shaku passed from this world when he was sixty-one years of age. Fulfilling his life's workhe left a great teachingfar richer than that of most Zen masters. His pupils used to sleep in the daytime during midsummerand while he overlooked this he himself never wasted a minute. 

When he was but twelve years old he was already studying Tendai philosophical speculation. One summer day the air had been so sultry that little Soyen stretched his legs and went to sleep while his teacher was away. 

Three hours passed whensuddenly wakinghe heard his master enterbut it was too late. There he laysprawled across the doorway. 

I beg your pardon, I beg your pardon,his teacher whisperedstepping carefully over Soyen's body as if it were that of some distinguished guest. After thisSoyen never slept again in the afternoon.