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How Grass and Trees Become Enlightened 



During the Kamakura periodShinkan studied Tendai six years and then studied Zen seven years; then he went to China and contemplated Zen for thirteen years more. 

When he returned to Japan many desired to interview him and asked obscure questions. But when Shinkan received visitorswhich was infrequentlyhe seldom answered their questions. 

One day a fifty-year-old student of enlightenment said to Shinkan: "I have studied the Tendai school of thought since I was a little boybut one thing in it I cannot understand. Tendai claims that even the grass and trees will become enlightened. To me this seems very strange." 

Of what use is it to discuss how grass and trees become enlightened?asked Shinkan. "The question is how you yourself can become so. Did you even consider that?" 

I never thought of it that way,marveled the old man. 

Then go home and think it over,finished Shinkan.