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by Thomas Morton


THE inhabitants of Pasonagessit (having translated the name of theirinhabitation from that ancient savage name to Ma-re Mount; and being resolved tohave the new name confirmed for a memorial to after ages) did devise amongstthemselves to have it performed in a solemn manner with revels and merrimentafter the old English customprepared to set up a May-pole upon the festivalday of Philip and Jacob; and therefore brewed a barrel of excellent beerandprovided a case of bottles to be spentwith other good cheerfor all comers ofthat day. And because they would have it in a complete formthey had prepared asong fitting to the time and present occasion. And upon May-day they brought theMay-pole to the place appointedwith drumsgunspistolsand other fittingintrumentsfor that purpose; and there erected it with the help of savagesthat came thither of purpose to see the manner of our revels. A goodly pine treeof eighty feet longwas reared upwith a pair of buck's horns nailed onsomewhat near unto the top of it: where it stood as a fair seamark fordirections how to find out the way to mine host of Ma-re Mount.

The setting up of his May-pole was a lamentable spectacle to the preciseSeparatists that lived at New Plymouth. They termed it an idol; yeathey calledit the Calf of Horeb: and stood at defiance with the placenaming it MountDagon; threatening to make it a woful mountand not a merry mount.

There was likewise a merry song madewhich (to make their revels morefashionable) was sung with a corusevery man bearing his part; which theyperformed in a dancehand in hand about the May-polewhilst one of the companysungand filled out the good liquor like Gammedes and Jupiter.