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Why the Sun Lives in the Sky


The sea has always lived in the low places such as valleys, but the sun has not always lived in the sky. The sun used to live on top of a mountain. The sun and the sea were good friends, Often the sun would come down from its mountain home to visit the sea, and they always enjoyed their times together. The sun would invite the sea to come visit its home at the mountaintop, but the sea never came.

After a time, the sun became both sad and a little angry. The sun called to the sea, "Why do you not come see me as I see you? True, you are much larger than I, but do you not think I would be a good host? I have enough food for you. I shall make a place big enough for you here on top of the mountain."

The sea replied, "My friend, I am afraid that I would drown you. I am wide and deep. I am your friend, and would rather always serve you than do something that might hurt you."

The sun insisted that the sea come and visit, and at last the sea consented. The sun watched as the sea swelled up around the mountain. Soon the sea was nearly covering the mountain. But the sun was too proud to admit that its home could not hold the sea, so it let the sea keep coming. Soon the sea had covered the sun's mountain and all the other mountains. The proud sun, fearing it would drown, had to leap into the sky where the sea could not come. The sea went back to its home, and the sun stays in the sky rather than go back to the mountaintop.