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The work of a great Pope

Invocazione del Nome di Gesù italian
Gift and Mystery (Carol Wojtyla) italian
Enciclica Fides et Ratio (Jhon Paul II) italian
Ut Num Sint (Jhon Paul II) italian
Ecclesia de Eucharistia (Jhon Paul II) italian


Reading path

Carol Wojtyla has been one of the greatest contemporary authors. To realize that, just try searching John Paul II on Amazon, the greatest Internet bookshop: well, they more than two thousand works signed by the Pope.

The number of copies sold from books like "To cross the threshold of hope" over half a million copies in Italy, and around to fifty million in the world.
Without taking into account the copies sold post mortem. As you’ll have realized, the reading path of this month is dedicated to John Paul II.

Paradoxicalally, the first work if not by the pope: it’s what I’d call a real jewel, unavailable in bookshops and out of print for years, probably destined to being forgotten.
Thanks to the enormous work of an anonymous benefactor, that has patiently brought back the entire work in electronic format, can now give it to our readers: "Invocazione del Nome di Gesù", a work of extraordinary depth, that help rediscover the authentic essence of prayer.

"Gift and Mystery" is the autobiography of Jhon Paul II: flowing, but deep and touching, it is a must-read for anyone interested in the figure of a Pope who could reach with his example millions people of every ethnic group, culture and rank.
Finally we publish the Encicliche: they represent the theological thought of the pope, as chief of the Catholic Church. Enjoy your reading.

Simone Alessandria