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Imagine a better world

La città del Sole ( Tommaso Campanella) italian
Il 18 Brumaio (Carl Marx) italian
Manifesto del Partito Comunista (Carl Marx) italian
Utopia (Thomas More) english
De Cive (Thomas Hobbes) english


Reading path

The world we live in is far from perfect. There are so many things to change, to improve. But how to actually improve this world, is a more complex issue. The paradise for a book-lover? A million bookcases, every day hundred of seminaries on every possible literary argument (and probably a few opticians as well...).

It would be hell of a fanatic of tecno music whose dream is throbbing music everywhere, or skying fanatic, that would want nine months of winter. More seriously though, Tommaso Campanella has invented a perfect city: the City of the Sun, where reason, friendship, order are the true gods. And Thomas More, in its Utopy, proposes its own version of the perfection. Thomas Hobbes instead in its De Cive believes nature laws are the fundamental aspect of every society, and describes the most important characteristics for it.

And then Marx, with its world founded on equality. All utopies, perhaps. But the power and the force of ideas have brought revolutions and wars. The reading path for this month offers Campanella, More, Hobbes, Marx. Enjoy your reading.

Good reading.

Simone Alessandria