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Seeking happiness

To Menecoeus (on happiness) - Epicurus Italian English


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An university university professor went to make visit to a famous Zen master. While the master served the tea calmly, the university professor spoke about Zen. The master filled up the cup of its host until the hem, then he kept pouring. The university professor watched the cup until he could not withhold himself and shouted: "It's full! You cannot puor anything inside it" "See, you are like this cup", the master replied, "How can I teach you Zen if you do not empty your cup?

Most zen stories are simple, amusing, amazing, say everythig and nothing and can fit in many circumstances. This for istance, remembers me the search of happiness that everyone completes during their life. We chase and beg happiness everywhere, and then, when we think to have filled up the glass, we must empty it again in order to get some more, in an infinite circle.

This month we suggest the epistle to Meneceo by Epicuro, best known like the "Letter on happiness", that has survived 23 centuries of history and can still tell us about the simplest secrets for being happy. If Epicuro is the Master or the university professor, is up to everyone to decide.

Good reading.

Simone Alessandria